Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Speak: Theater Prices

I love movies. Going to the movie theater, not so much. I have literally seen one movie in the theaters in the last 15 years! Iron Man. And yep, when Iron Man II comes out in May, I am there. I am not sure why I don't like going to the movies but I don't.

I love Good Morning America. I watch it every morning before work. This past week, they were talking about the price of the 3D movies being $19 in some places. For one ticket! What? You can buy the movie for cheaper than that. But it got me thinking: How high is too high? With 3D movies like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans, when will the prices stop rising? There are no 3D theaters around me, least not that I know of, so our ticket prices are not that high.

I just have to wonder at what point will the movie theaters become the CDs that never sell, that just collect dust since there are so many other means of watching movies without the theaters now.

For this Sunday Speak, I wanted to know: Do you go to the movies often? When you go, do you get snacks? Do you get a drink? Lisa goes every Tuesday night for free movie Tuesday at her local theaters. Do any of the theaters near you offer that? How much is too much to pay? Pin It


jackie said...

We go to the movies every so often. I think $11 for a movie is too much so we try to go to an early show so we just end up paying $5 each. Two weekends ago, my husband paid about $20 (for himself) to see a movie with his cousins. It cost him that much because it was one of those theaters with big cushy seats, all you can eat popcorn (I think they actually come and serve you there), and I don't know what else. That was an insane amount to pay! As for snacks when we go together,my husband always gets popcorn and a drink.

Maria Lopez said...

i love the movies but dont go often. Its about 12.50 here in So. Cal. hubby gets giftcards from his employer so we go during those occasions but we stay faithful to netflix and cable.

Amy said...

I use coupons out of the entertainment book. It does make it better, but even then we are $7 for a Matinee. That is crazy ridiculous for me, so I go very rarely.
If my kids ask to go, I will pay maybe, just maybe once a month, after that, they have to pay for themselves.
And no way, I would never pay for any food or snacks after that ticket price. Bring your own and sneak them in. Or go on Tuesday, although now, FREE popcorn day is now $1.

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