Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Speak: Make Me Over

You know those hypothetical questions about being stranded on a desert island? Today's Sunday Speak is kinda like that. What are the three makeup items you just can't live without. I can't leave the house without powder, eyeliner, and lip gloss. I would love to take my mascara too, but I guess I could survive without it.

I used to always use either Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover. But really they are so expensive and lately, I haven't been thrilled with them. I am loving my free CoverGirl pressed powder so much now. I am using the TruBlend CoverGirl and I love it!

Now for eyeliner, I love my Rimmel Chianti pencil. But of course, they no longer make that color. This is, like, the third eyeliner I loved that has been discontinued. It is a purplish color and it goes on smoothly and I just love it. Lisa told us how great Sephora eyeliner is. I have one new one left but I have to find a new pencil soon. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Now for my lip gloss. I love Victoria's Secret lip gloss. I know how pricey these are. Usually they have them four for $20! Crazy! But you know those $10 off any purchase at Victoria Secret coupons we get, you guessed it, you can use them on these. Four for $10 is not quite as bad. I am so addicted to the Beauty Rush pop purple. I can't wait to try the Prestige Skin-Loving Minerals. Our friend over at Nouveau Cheap just reviewed them and they sound fabulous! I am willing to try any lip gloss. I use a ton of lip gloss so it's good to have options.

My question to you is two-fold. What are the three makeup items you just can't live without? Do you have a particular favorite brand? You know how much free stockpile we all have, but what is the make-up you are actually willing to pay for? Are you like me and buy as many of your favorites as you can just in case they discontinue them?

And, if you're completely a makeup fiend, you're going to want to add Nouveau Cheap to your blog roll. She's so fantastic about reviewing products honestly and letting you know what's worth spending your hard earned money on. If you love makeup -- or even if you just wear in on special occasions -- she'll let you know exactly what you should be checking out. Pin It


Anonymous said...

i dont think that the tru blend foundation is tha great. i had one that was pretty pastey feeling and it was way to dark for my skin cause unfortunately most drugstore brands dont make white foundation ;[
i think that i like the nyc color eyeliner, for some reason its the softest eyeliner and its super easy to put on and doesnt clump because its so dry(because its not dry like the other eyeliners) i mean ive tried like e.l.f mineral eyeliner the twist up kind and its ok. and then theres the wet and wild which is so so and sometimes its really great and then i tried like various cover girl twist up black eyeliners, but this nyc color black eyeliner is like exceptional. not only is it super smooth when it goes on. it is more workable because it can smooth off if i accidentally put more on one eye or something and like the cherry on top is that u know how those twist up eyeliners are like pretty non pointy no matter how thin they are and theres no way to sharpen them really, and then theres the pencils that when u sharpen them they are TOO SHARP(TOO HARD ON YOUR SKIN BECAUSE THE EYELINER ISNT SOFT ENOUGH) and sometimes with those, the wood or whatever it is doesnt really sharpen well, and gets all over in little pieces or sometimes uneven and well, really pointy and in the eyeliner, well the cherry on top is that the nyc color black eyeliner's "wood" or whatever is some diffeent kind that sharpens really easy and it is like a soft wood so it WORKS. one more thing, the plastic cap thing is actually tinted dark black!! translucent! i heart this stuff!

Diana said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog (found you through Nouveau Cheap the other day) and I love it!
I can't live without my: 1) Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in the color "Intense Olive," 2) Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara, and 3) Aquafina chapsticks. I consider this makeup because sadly I'm allergic to pretty much every lip gloss and lipstick out there, and lots of other chapstick brands. My lips can only tolerate Aquafina and Nivea chapsticks, and of course good ole Vaseline.

As for eyeliners, I recommend the Prestige eyeliners. Both the waterpoof line and the total intensity line. People have compared them to Stila eye kajal and UD 24/7 liners. I've never tried those and don't intend to bc I love my Prestige liners soooo much (I own every color)! I get mine at Bed Bath Beyond, CVS, and Rite Aid (with coupons!). Okay I'll stop talking now. =)

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I couldn't live without my urban decay primer potion. It's the only high end thing I would buy again for full price. I know it's nothing but a silicone based concealer, but I just haven't found one I like as much as this. If I could only have three things though, this wouldn't be included because I would not have eyeshadow as one of the other three. I need my L'oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara because it's the only mascara that doesn't make me lose 4 or more lashes per eye removing it. I have to wear blush, it really wakes my face up. I love Jane Mineral pillow blushes and blushing cheeks blush in blushing earth sheer. I love red lipstick and balm. I would kill two birds with one stone by choosing Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Berry Queen as my final item. I don't like to play favorites with brands because all brands have some crap products and I could never get the best products for everything from one brand, though maybelline would come the closest. I have a special place in my heart for Jane though, I used to love their lipsticks when I was seven, and now I love their eye zings and blushes. That Jane mint lippie helped me get away with not brushing my teeth quite a few times back then...

Jilly said...

Lipstick-Benefit's Born Ready worn over eos lip balm or Burt's Bees lip balm

Primer-Lorac Oil Free

Powder-Smashbox Halo

Beth@Drugstore Divas said...

I never thought much about the Prestige but now I need to try them!

lisa @ drugstore divas said...

Wow, look at everyone's answers. Mine, hmmm ... Sephora eyeliner, now that I'm obsessed; ChapStick in the blue tube because old habits die hard; and sunscreen since I think I have sun poisoning now and I'm gonna live in sunscreen from now til forever.

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