Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Sample: M&M Pretzel Candy [[40,000 only]]

A few years ago, my friend came to visit me in Pennsylvania. We were going to see a band, and as a thank you [[which she didn't have to do!]], she brought me a box of truffles and a box of chocolate covered pretzels from a local chocolate shop.

Oh my word, were they fantastic.

Chocolate and pretzels. You can't ever go wrong.

And finally M&M's has gotten the memo. Kristi from Spend Less and Save More let me know that if you head over to M&M's Vending Machine application on Facebook, you can get a free bag of Pretzel M&M's, if you're one of the first 40,000. When I was there, only 4,000 people had gotten them.

However, after I signed up, it said my email was used already. So I tried another email and the same thing happened. Then, when I went to my email, I had a confirmation. So, the vending machine might actually exist in the future. I don't know. But I do know I hope these come. Pin It


Maria Lopez said...

it said that because i sent you one earlier! Lol

lisa @ drugstore divas said...

Did you? I didn't see it earlier. Hmm.

Maria Lopez said...

log in to your facebook and it should have an alert or notification to accept it. I sent it to my friend Cathy and she got it.

ngocupham said...

Hmn Can you please tell me how to get on to the facebook apps. I could not find it. I tried the link but nothing there. It just log me into FB. Is there a link that I can click into?

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