Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Sample: Burt's Bees Toothpaste

If you wanted another sample of Bur's Bees Toothpaste, you have my friend Cathy to thank. See, she emailed me to let me know that the sample was available by clicking this link.

If you signed up back in February, don't worry. The sample has reset and you're able to get another.

These are sample size, obviously, so they're perfect to use for travel. They're also all-natural, which is pretty good for you. Plus, it's free. You can't argue with that. Pin It


Cathy said...

Yay, I feel almost famous, mentioned twice on this blog for not doing anything.
I love getting freebies, especially chocolate on my birthday. I enjoyed the Fling Bar that Lisa "gave" me last year. And guess what, it's almost my birthday again. I wonder what I am getting this year. :-D

lisa @ drugstore divas said...

Yup, I'm making you famous =]

I'm so jealous of that Fling bar. No samples for us New Yorkers. I put in my right zip with the wrong state, but that didn't get me a freebie either. Haha.

Maria Lopez said...

Yey! im so ordering a new sample. thanks cathy!

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