Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Sample: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

I could open my own nail salon with all the nail polish I have. Of course, most of it was free, but that is besides the point. I would have to call my salon Sally Hansen with a side of Revlon. I only use those two brands. That's it, no exception. And Revlon is okay, but nothing compares with Sally for me.

Since I have so much nail polish, I paint my nails every day. Well I used to. Since I found Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri, I only have to paint them every other day or so. I know that doesn't seem like a huge difference, but it really its. I am not sure how I ever existed without this stuff.

You paint your nails, one or two coats, wait about a minute [[the bottle says two, but I don't listen]]. Swipe on the Insta-Dri and you are good to go in a minute. Not only is this a polish drier, but it doubles as a top coat. No smudges, no sheet marks, nothing.

No more blowing on your nails, waving your hands like a lunatic, or trying so hard not to smudge. With Insta-Dri, those days are long over. Another thing I love about it: It makes your nails really nice and shiny. Your polish never looks dull.

There is only one bad thing. If you paint your nails and use the Insta-Dri today, then paint another coat and use the Insta-Dri tomorrow, you are good. If you try to paint them and use the Insta-Dri a third time, I noticed the polish can get a little cracked and that causes it to flake or peel off easily. But really, your nails won't need to be painted again a third time, so it is not a huge deal. Since this also contains an anti-chip, your polish lasts longer.

In checking out Sally Hansens Web site, I see the company has Insta-Dri nail polish colors as well. I haven't tried them just the clear top coat! Oh, I am so excited to find a deal on that as well.

I have never seen this on sale, and actually got this as part of a bonus pack of nail polish so my first bottle was free. My Rite Aid sells Insta-Dri for $5.49. I will be stocking up whenever there is a sale. But even if there is not a sale, this is worth so much more for me. I will now be paying for nail polish [[well just the Insta-Dri, let's not get too carried away]]. And I am totally okay with it. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Do you have trouble with your nails yellowing from keeping them polished all the time? I would love to keep my nails polished, but worry about discoloration.

Beth said...

No I never seem to have that problem. My nails are really long and if I dont keep polish on them they break so easily. for the last 12 years I dont think I ever went more than a few days without them painted.

lisa said...

Anon, I've noticed discoloration is dependent on the color. If you wear a really deep and/or dark color for an extended period, that's when discoloration may occur. If you're always wearing a lighter color, you'll be fine.

Maria Lopez said...

Ok after reading this post i went to look for all my nail polish i have and No Sally Hansen was found! BUT I am in love with Rimmel 60 second vinyl shine. and im sporting Frisky Clover in my nails =]

Beth said...

Maria!!! You have no Sally Hansen! I can't believe that. It really is the best stuff.

Stockpiling Mom said...

I am an OPI girl but I will give this one a try! Thanks!

As for discoloration that can happen if you use orange based or really dark polish and and wear it for extended times with no top coat. :-)

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