Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flip Flopper

Every lady I know has flip flops in every color. It's a summer staple. If you look closely, you'll probably notice that almost all those flip flops came from Old Navy.

If you -- for some inexplicable reason -- don't have a stash, head over to Old Navy today, May 23. All flip flops are $1. They're usually $3.50 each, or 2/$5, or 3/$5 on sale, so you might as well get some.

I kinda really want a pair of silver ones, but since those are regularly $6.50, I have a hard time believing they're part of the dollar sale. I'm gonna be out of town all day today, so there's no chance that I'm getting out for these, but I'm pretty sure Beth is. So if she wants to pick me up a silver pair in a size 7 and bring it to my garage sale in a few weeks, well, that would be spectacular =] Pin It

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