Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Sample: Softsoap Ensembles

At first, I couldn't quite figure out Softsoap's new Ensembles line. There's a base with a pump attached, then a regular base. It comes in three pretty designs and one plain base [[if you ask my mom, she'll tell you the blue is her least favorite because it doesn't match her bathroom; the green and white; purple and white; and plain white are fine]].

The MO behind the multiple bases failed me. Couldn't you just refill one? Sure the packaging says, "No, refilling is not an option," but I thought that was just a way to get consumers to spend a little more.

At least, that's what I thought until I unscrewed the pump from one of the bases.

I pulled it out and there was no long tube going down to the bottom of the base. I looked at it dumbfounded. How the heck was the last drop of soap going to be used? I though maybe my pump was faulty and the tube got stuck in the jar. I peered inside, and I was surprised. There's a little contraption [[I'd try to explain it better, but it would just be more confusing than helpful]] that aides in the sucking of the soap. There's also no way you can refill this puppy, so you've gotta buy a new base when you run out of soap.

And let's talk about the soap for minute. It's actually really fragrant, but pretty much only after you rinse off the lather. You squirt it from the pump, lather it up, and then when you're rinsing, a smell of orchids [[if you're using my mom's favorite blue one; the others have a fresh essence scent]] fills the bathroom. Trust me, that's a lot nicer than whatever option you had before the soap. The soap's smell lingers with you a little, which is really nice.

The pump and base's retail is $5.99 and the refill's srp is $2.99. Is it worth that? Absolutely. What's pretty sweet is that when you're done, instead of having a stagnant item that gets stale quickly, you can change the base, change up the feel of the room, and have a little excitement in your life. Just save the pump because you're gonna need that.

It adds a really sleek, modern feel to your bathroom -- or kitchen, wherever you plan to use it -- and it's a very affordable touch. Pin It

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Anonymous said...

one, we already have a problem with trash. two the price is nuts. three, the smell is killer.

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