Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Referral Wednesday: Swagbucks

I was listening to Lily Allen the other day, and I decided I really like her, but not enough to spend real money on her new album. I mean, sure, I like her enough now, but eventually I might start to believe it is her, not them, and her album with become a coaster. And what's the point for paying for those when you can just snag them at the bar?

Thank goodness I found Swag Bucks when I did.

Swagbucks, this week's Referral Wednesday post, is a glorified search engine, in a sense. You search, just as you would in Google, and then randomly, something may pop up saying you won a Swagbuck. You can then trade that Swag Buck in for prizes, like baseball cards, iPods, or the new Lily Allen CD.

You can also get Bucks for referring other members or shopping online.

But, seriously, you're gonna use a search engine, you might as well get paid for it. Pin It

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